Saturday, 24 March 2012

Old Lady Body

I'm going to start with the positives from this week: I ran. I managed 20 press ups and can now do almost 70 sit-ups in a row. I was under my calorie goal on My Fitness Pal despite eating chinese food and drinking beer. I also got some beautiful new trainers as a gift from baby Ruby on my first ever Mother's Day.

Unfortunately, these little nuggets of joy have been eclipsed by a new injury, much worse than the previous knee-gate. After a lovely run last week, I jarred my hip - a couple of painful days later I felt it click, and two days later it felt fine - good enough to run on (or so I thought). On Thursday, I set off planning to stick to a steady 3k - after just .5k it became apparent that it was not at all fine, but instead of stopping, cutting my losses and going home to rest, I was determined to see out the distance. I really wish I wasn't so bloody minded - not only was it incredibly painful, I couldn't concentrate on a decent route and my overall time was absolute garbage. 

Two days later and I am actually struggling to walk and my GP has referred me for an X-Ray. Bad times. The most annoying thing is that I clearly didn't learn from my previous mistake and went back out too early. Anyway, hopefully it isn't anything too serious - I had hoped to be on at least 25 miles by the end of this week - I would've been on schedule if it wasn't for my 90 year old body.

Moving on - I have a couple of exciting races planned so I'm just going to focus on some low impact cardio and strength exercises until I'm all fixed.

The first race is the Harrogate 10k on 22nd July - from the small amount of research I have done, it is a pretty tough course with steady inclines at the beginning but a fast final downhill mile. I imagine I'll end up windmilling over the finish line - but as long as it's sub 60 minutes I'll be happy.

On Monday 27th August, I'll be running the Whirlow 10k Trail Run, which is part of the Big Running Weekend. This will be my first trail run, and it promises to be a great little warm up to the Tough Mudder event. It will also make a nice change not to be either steaming drunk or feel like my brain is falling out of my arse, as is usually the case over August Bank Holiday weekend. I'm going to try and persuade the Twitter running collective to join me on this one - most of them live in Sheffield so there's no excuse really.

On that note, I have to say a big thank you to Emma and Andy for their lovely blog posts this week - if you haven't read them already, then take a look. Emma is ridiculously talented at making stuff - it's seriously amazing. If you can imagine it, she can make it - only better. Luckily, she is also helping me to re-design this blog, with a proper header and sexy new font, which I hope to have live by this time next week - exciting times!
Andy is running the London Marathon next month and his blog is inspiring stuff - full of ups and downs but always a dose of good humour - check it out.

Sam x

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