Sunday, 4 March 2012

Day of Rest

Today I rested my jolted knee in the hope that I will be able to run tomorrow, so have spent a lot of the day reading from #running, getting jealous about the miles everyone has been clocking up and comparing my relatively slow times to theirs. I've also been hugely inspired by Bangs and a Bun; she started running just a year and a half ago and has since completed some serious runs, most recently today's Paris Half Marathon. In four weeks she heads to Berlin for theirs. I have followed her journey from her first run, so it is great comfort to know that if I am dedicated enough, I could be where she is now - celebrating in an awesome city with a sparkly new medal. And yes, that is important.

I have also been putting a little bit of thought into why I performed better on the treadmill - I suppose for a long-time runners the reason is obvious - pacing and timing. I am not great at pacing myself, setting off quickly and fading fast before completing my run at a snail's pace. On the treadmill I can keep it constant, my mile time fluctuating by a couple of seconds at the most. My conclusion is that I should probably try and spend a little more time in the gym, just to practice running at a constant pace. This pains me - I hate gyms and the thought of spending any amount of time (let alone money) in them fills me with dread. But I am determined to crack this running malarkey whatever it takes - I just wish their was a Pure Gym in Harrogate - all the ones here are so expensive, it would actually be cheaper to just buy a treadmill, if I had somewhere to put one.

Lastly, as ongoing motivation, I have persuaded my OH to run the Harrogate 10k with me in July. A really good benchmark to reach by the midway point of my training. Bring it on!

Sam x

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