Tuesday, 24 July 2012

What Goes Up...

So, last night I ran 16km. And I was gutted. I know it sounds silly, but I had my heart (and mind) set on 21km – my first half marathon.

I think a few things were against me – I can appreciate now that any change in routine can have a huge effect on your performance, and there were certainly a few changes.

Firstly, I missed my regular Thursday run last week as I was preparing for my friend Sarah’s beautiful wedding. I drank at the wedding (not loads, but a little all the same). I got a tummy bug. The day of my run was incredibly hot and sunny.

All of these factors mingled together in one catastrophic bang – and my hip went. Seriously, I hate this hip.

My old nemesis is back – the piriformis injury I managed to beat earlier in my training programme. I felt a twang at 14km but ignored it, hoping it was all in my mind, and carried on for another 2km – it was so painful but I was determined to reach 16km – my first ever 10 miles. As soon as I hit it I almost fell over; I was so angry with myself for pushing it and even more angry with my rubbish body for not holding out for that final 5km.

Today, I still feel gutted, although I know that 10 miles is nothing to be sniffed at on a stifling Monday evening.

I have booked in for a full body massage on Friday and have a physio appointment on Saturday morning. I’ll rest it until then and hope beyond hope that Vicky tells me it will be okay.

Berlin is now just over nine weeks away – I need to be upping my distances by 3-4 km each week for the next six weeks, if Vicky tells me I have to rest then it will be a huge setback.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Sam x

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