Thursday, 26 July 2012

I'm Just Going To Stick A Needle In You...

Er... What?

When I went to visit my lovely physiotherapist, Vicky last night, I have to say I wasn't expecting her to say she was going to stick a needle in my leg. However, acupuncture has been used for years as a way of encouraging blood circulation to the affected area, promoting repair - magic!

Anyway, it has worked an absolute treat - my hip is feeling much better and I think I'm going to attempt a very slow jog with the Run Harrogate crew this evening. I have a massage booked tomorrow and a further physio session on Saturday morning, so fingers crossed I won't be too far behind schedule.

Vicky also noticed that my hamstrings are incredibly tight and suggested that may be partly to blame for my injury - my hips could be overcompensating. So more than ever, I am learning that stretching properly is as important as the run itself. I have some new stretches to incorporate now, so fingers crossed it will help. I am also going to start taking ibuprofen half an hour before my runs and when I get back - this will prevent a build up of muscle inflammation, which is obviously a huge problem for me at the moment.

Anyway, I'll keep this one short, I know I've already posted about food today!

Sam x

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