Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Run Harrogate

So, I may have just started something pretty cool. 

This evening, my Berlin buddy, Lindsey was held up at work and for the first time in ages, I just didn't feel confident enough to hit the streets on my own. I think it was a timing thing - I've never run on my own in the evening before, preferring to jog around the streets of Harrogate under the relative cover of 7am. I feel good running at this time; safe, almost. Hardly anyone will see me, and if they do - well, they're either runners themselves or too bleary-eyed to care.

So it got me thinking - if I feel this way, surely others must as well. What I need is a group of like-minded people at a similar level who will run at a set time each week. That way if one of us can't make it, the support is still there. And so it started - Run Harrogate was born.

The response in the last half an hour alone has been incredible, with RTs, follows and enthusiastic e-mails about the first meet. So now I'm going to have to figure out a good 3k route - although I don't know if people will want to go further - I guess it's up for discussion, but I would hate to scare anyone off - especially first-timers.

Run Harrogate is a laid back alternative to traditional running clubs, where people can run entirely at their own pace and feel supported by everyone involved in the session - hopefully it will mean that everyone at some point will have the confidence to run the Harrogate Park Run on Saturday mornings, in addition to 3k Thursdays.

So there we have it - it's all very exciting!


Sam x


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