Monday, 7 May 2012

Picking Up the Pace

I'm not being funny, but time really needs to slow down a bit. Despite feeling like yesterday, it's almost a week since my last post - I have managed another seven miles and my hip is feeling great, thanks to Vicky and her wonder cure. But we're now just 20 weeks away from Berlin.
Lindsey and I have been out on our first three runs, managing a steady 3k each time. We both had boozy weekends filled with poisonous junk food (hello, Ikea meatballs and Krispy Kreme doughnuts) and it really took its toll. Our run this evening was just shy of the 3k mark and at a very slow pace - but at least we got our asses off the sofa on a Bank Holiday, so I guess it's better than nothing. It is actually pretty scary to see what an impact the food and drink we put into our body has on the way we perform. I went out running with Paul on Sunday morning so didn't feel too bad, but Lindsey felt very light-headed and nauseous so we walked some of the distance. At least lessons were learnt, and we conceded that boozy weekends would become fewer and further between as we approach September.
With my hip now feeling so much better, the temptation is there to go out every day to try and push myself - although I have learnt the hard way that this is the worst thing I could possibly do. It's great that I have the bug again - I'm even typing this extra fast because I'm so excited to get out there.
In spite of regular runs (however short), I have noticed that my weight seems to have plateaued - I have almost given up feeding Ruby myself so I don't have the calorie burn to rely on (500 kcal a day on average), which means I have to look elsewhere. It pains me, but I'm going to have to re-introduce Jillian Michaels and her bloody 30-Day Shred. I actually hate the woman, but she is very good at what she does and I can definitely manage 20 minutes a day. 
I'm also knocking the gin on the head for the next few weeks - I'm going to the Races for my friend's hen do mid-June so until then it's strictly nil-by-mouth booze-wise. 

In other news, I can't post without mentioning Sheffield Wednesday - what an amazing season, topped off with promotion back into the Championship. The whole experience was all the better as it came at the expense of the other side of the city - the majority of whom seem to have gone very quiet after their 'mind the gap' comments just a few short weeks ago. Football is a funny old game and they gave us a great battle but we're back where we should be - I'm very much looking forward to taking my place as a South Stand season ticket holder in August. 

So there it is - I don't think it's too much to ask to hit the 50 mile mark within the next fortnight; we are planning to increase our distances by .5km each time we run so fingers crossed I can stay injury-free.

Happy running,

Sam x

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