Thursday, 23 February 2012


And so it begins: 38 weeks of intensive training focused on just one day - 18th November 2012 - the day I become epic. At least, that's the plan - whether it actually happens is a different story. This story, in fact.

Two years ago, I set myself a goal - to climb Kilimanjaro and run the New York Marathon in one year. As it turned out, fate had an entirely different plan and just 12 weeks ago I gave birth to my beautiful baby, Ruby. The thought of being away from her, skipping up a mountain for two weeks is not nice, so when a lovely friend of mine told me about an event, TOUGH MUDDER, in which you complete a 12 mile course, featuring 27 obstacles devised by British Special Forces, I was sold. Not everybody's cup of tea, granted but for me it sounded awesome - all I had to do was persuade some other nutcases to run it with me.

It has to be said, I have a lot of love for my work colleagues at Raw Creative. We're a small (perfectly formed) full service agency covering PR to Creative and everything in between. It's fair to say that most of them are pretty open to suggestion (read into that what you will), as long as it's proposed with a good level of gusto and you lead with the promise of free beer. In any case, 'rAw Team' was born and an event countdown sign promptly stuck on the kitchen door - there is no going back.

The first thing you'll notice about the pictures I upload to this blog are the idiots running the course. They are ripped - seriously, they look like they wrestle bears for fun, and are the polar opposite of me. I haven't done any physical exercise for 12 months and have post-pregnancy podge - not a good combination! This blog is the story of my journey from now until the event - hopefully you'll enjoy reading it and leave me lots of helpful tips and supportive comments - I'll definitely need them.


Sam x

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