Friday, 24 February 2012

750 Miles?!

I thought it would be worth explaining a little bit about my training plan over the next few months. Pretty much everyone I've spoken to about the event say that miles under your feet, along with strength training are the only way to complete the course. The team at Tough Mudder recommends a serious amount of running in preparation, hence the name of my blog; I plan to complete 750 miles between now and the event. Luckily (for the team, not him), we have enlisted the help of Justin O'Hallorhan, owner of Performax Studios and personal trainer, who will be whipping us all into shape - and I need his help more than most! We had our first group training session on Wednesday; a treacherous walk through Harlow Carr woods in the pitch black followed by a 5-6k jog, with some casual (bork) hill sprints thrown in for good measure. I had to stop and walk a couple of times but all in all I was over the moon with how much I'd managed. That said, I found the whole thing really frustrating - my head and legs wanted to go but my lungs were saying a firm "NO!" I know that this will get better in time, but I'm so impatient. Tonight, I'm going for a long swim in the hope that it increases my lung capacity ahead of my first ever Park Run tomorrow morning. In any case it will be a great opportunity to practice regulating my breathing. Park Run is a nationally organised group run - you receive a barcode when you register which records the time of every run you complete, so it's a great way of tracking your progress. I'll be blogging my time every week, which should be a laugh for the first couple of months. If I complete the 5k course in less than two hours, I'll be happy :-) In the meantime, I found this video of a recent Tough Mudder event - it gives you a little taster of what our team is working towards! 

 Sam x

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